Our Commitment to the
Polish National Catholic Church

Seven processional Crosses were presented, by the Polish National Union of America, to the Polish National Catholic Church on the occasion of its one hundredth anniversary. Crosses were presented to the Diocesan Bishops for placement in the cathedral parish of their diocese. They will serve as an expression of the Polish National Union of America's commitment and dedication to support the many Christian endeavors of the Polish National Catholic Church through the next hundred years and beyond. One cross will be kept in the chapel of the National Church Center.

May the Church and Spójnia always join hands in cooperation to touch lives through the teachings of Christ and through fraternalism.

Design of the Crosses
The Processional Cross design is derived from three basic cross patterns:
  • Pommee
  • Crosslet
  • Maltese
The crosses are customarily used for ceremonial display and pageantry. The design itself consists of having the end of each patterned arm terminate in a disc from which the Crosslets protrude. Each Crosslet arm subtly exhibits the indented 'Vee' design found on the Maltese cross. The center of the cross also exhibits a disc format All disc areas, front and back, are sculpted, displaying the symbols and seals pertinent to the Polish National Catholic Church. These areas are highly detailed in low-relief to enhance the overall presentation. The base of the cross tapers with an elongated leaf pattern displaying appropriate seals on the front of the Processional Cross.
Symbols on the Cross
St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr Cathedral
Rt. Rev. Anthony M. Aysz
Bishop Ordinary of the Central Diocese
Scranton, Pennsylvania

Seal of the Bishop
Rt. Rev. Robert Nemkovich
Bishop Ordinary of the Western Diocese
Chicago, Illinois

Holy Trinity Cathedral
Rt. Rev. Thomas J. Gnat
Bishop Ordinary of the Eastern Diocese
Manchester, New Hampshire

Seal of the Bishop
Rt. Rev. Thaddeus Peplowski
Bishop Ordinary of the Buffalo-Pittsburgh Diocese
Lancaster, New York

Seal of the Bishop
Canadian Diocese
Rt. Rev. Thaddeus Peplowski, Administrator
Toronto, Canada

Seal of the Bishop
Polish Catholic Church
Most Rev. Dr. Victor Wysoczanski
Warsaw, Poland

Seal of the Prime Bishop
Polish National Catholic Church
Most Rev. John F. Swantek
Scranton, Pennsylvania

Seal of the Polish National Catholic Church - 1897

Seal of the National United Women's Societies for the Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament - 1897

Seal of the Polish National Union of America - 1908

Seal of the Young Men's Society of Resurrection
Y.M.S. of R. - 1914

Seal of the National United Choirs - 1932

Martin Heffron - Artist/Sculptor
At the age of twenty-six, Martin Heffron is already a highly accomplished artist and sculptor, creating freelance and commission artwork for private and public clients. His talent has celebrated the life of Pennsylvania's coal miners, "hometown" America, and now, the symbols and seals of the Polish National Catholic Church. Heffron is most widely recognized for his bronze, high relief panel, "Memorial to All Anthracite Coal Miners and Their Families", commissioned by the Forest City Rotary Club in forest City, Pa. The work is historically correct and is considered the largest and most comprehensive memorial of its kind. Heffron received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Heffron, his wife Tonya and their children reside in Minersville, Pennsylvania.
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