Our Fraternal Insurance Programs
  • Five, Ten, or Twenty-Pay Life
    Covers the insured throughout life. Premium payments end after five, ten, or twenty years. Coverage continues throughout life.
  • Single Premium Life
    Offers the insured full coverage from the time of issue, however only one premium is paid. This premium buys a paid-up certificate for the life of the insured.
  • Paid-Up at Age 85
    Premium payments end at age eighty-five while coverage extends throughout life.
  • Twenty-Year Endowment
    Premiums are paid for twenty years. Options at maturity consist of cash; cash and face amount of policy for life; or no cash but increased amount of insurance.
  • Tax Deferred Annuities
    A way to put money away for the future while deferring the tax burden until the time of collecting the annuity payments.


We are licensed to offer our insurance programs in the states of Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusets, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

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