Single Premium Life

The Single Premium Plan offers the insured full coverage from the time of issue. Coverage is similar to Whole Life. However, only one premium is paid, providing a paid up certificate for the life of the insured. This plan offers immediate cash value that is nearly equivalent to the premium payment.

Single Premium Plan Benefits
  • Only one payment required
  • Insurance coverage starts with the premium payment
  • Policy paid up for life
  • Offers immediate cash value
  • Popular gift plan
  • Your death benefit is guaranteed
  • Share in Polish National Union of America policy dividends (as determined by the Board of Directors)
  • Provides you with full Polish National Union of America Membership Benefits
General Information

Minimum face amount is $5,000

Note: A medical examination may be required

  Minimum face amounts have been set.

The Polish National Union of America will issue the certificate from the age of zero through seventy. Each suggested minimum face amount will have a premium that is payable one time only. The value of the certificate grows each year from interest earned by the company on its investments. When applying for the Single Premium Plan, a medical examination may be required.

For more information on Single-Premium Policies, fill in the information request form, contact your Branch Secretary or call the offices of the Polish National Union of America at 1-800-724-6352. The call is toll-free.

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